Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tamil Nadu?

We could be spending the winter in Britain where the weather is foul but where we have electricity 24 hours a day and TV at the press of a switch. Instead we have chosen to spend our time in Tamil Nadu. Tourists to India do make it to Tamil Nadu but usually only after they have done the golden triangle – of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – and have experienced the beaches of Goa and the Kerala backwaters.

But we’ve been fortunate. We lived in Tamil Nadu for nearly 6 years while I was working here, and have been coming back regularly for short or, in Phil’s case, longer visits in the 6 years since then. The magic we discovered in our very first visit has not worn off. This year for the first time I am able to spend 3 months here, based at the cottage which is owned by Tailored Eco-Tours, our Indian company.

We’ve started this blog to share some of our experiences and our enthusiasm for this lovely little-known state and its delightful people. Watch this space.